Model Release 4.0.2a
Dear GAINS model users,
Hereby we would like to invite you to the GAINS Model User Community meeting 2022 .

The Meeting will take place either

  Option 1: Tuesday 22nd November to Wednesday 23rd November or

  Option 2:Tuesday 29th November to Wednesday 30th November

(Depending on the majority of attendees) in Laxenburg and in Zoom as a hybrid meeting. This will be the first meeting of its kind with the goal of connecting the growing international GAINS model user community and to enhance the information flow between model developers, model users and other stakeholders. The meeting offers a platform for sharing experiences and best practices in supporting air quality management processes in different regional contexts, as well as a forum to discuss potential new features of the modelling framework.

Day 1 will be dedicated to both recent applications of the tools in research projects and decision making processes, as well as to recent updates that have happened in the model in Laxenburg and elsewhere.

Day 2 will be dedicated to current and future projects, user needs, and emerging opportunities to support assessment and decision making processes.

A detailed agenda will be circulated as we get closer to the date. At this stage we ask you to save the above dates and let us know whether you are interested in attending the meeting in the first week or second week and contributing to the agenda in the form of a presentation or a discussion piece by sending an email to

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